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Three Organizer Dues plans are available:/mo for 6 months, /mo for 3 months, or for the month-to-month billing option.

Most Organizers choose to divide the fee equally between Group members, like splitting a restaurant tab. Meetup does not charge members to create an account, join Meetup Groups, or attend Meetup events.

We are driven by our company values and our mission to help people find others who share their same passion.

Meetup’s mission has not changed, but our Community Guidelines have been updated to better reflect our growing and diverse community.

Select "Start a Meetup Group" at the top of the page and enter your location.

Then choose a name, add Topics so that other members can find your Group, and fill out the Group description.

You can also connect your Facebook with your account to find out what Meetups your friends have joined. Your homepage features a list of Meetups happening in your city and a calendar that can be used to search for Meetups happening on a specific day.

If this is the case, the organizer will generally be notified at least 7 days before their group is closed.

At the time of closure, organizers will be refunded if they do not organize other Meetups.

Our Community Guidelines are the policies that outline what is acceptable on Meetup and what is not.

With these changes, some things that used to be allowed on Meetup are no longer permitted.

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